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All DotHostPro cheapest VPS hosting windows servers are located in one of the largest and most fault tolerant networks in North America. Our connections to Internet backbones are maintained at redundant data centers located in NJ and NYC, connecting directly to most of the major networks including Sprint, UUNET, Cable & Wireless (formerly MCI), PSI, Global Center, Savvis, AOL, Exodus, and many others.
Because of the proven unreliability of single NAPs (Network Access Points), we have made connections to multiple backbone providers. At this time, our network as a vps hosting company currently consists of 15 DS3's (one DS3 is about 45 MBPS or the equivalent of about 15 T1 lines). This allows us to easily reach remote networks even in the case where a NAP may be unhealthy, or when a specific backbone connection is down. It also allows us to make intelligent routing decisions. For example, if we are trying to reach a remote network which is on the MCI network, there's no reason to send it out to UU Net first.

For redundancy, we are currently running BGP4 (border gateway routing protocol) to maintain maximum speed and uptime. If one backbone line goes down, it will balance the load to the others. If one line gets congested, it will load balance the traffic.

Our network has been deployed and continues to develop in a fashion that provides the speed and reliability you demand, at an affordable price.


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Whether you are a company of one or a hundred, we have the right dedicated server hosting plan for you. We offer a variety of hosting packages, for example, web hosting with unlimited bandwidth with different platforms, features and customizations, tailored specifically for you. You can rest assured that Dothostpro can provide you with the quality of service you need at the right price, offering the perfect plan for your company’s needs. We are here to grow with you.

For more information, please contact our sale team

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